Technology is playground. This is my personal site and it's running on my old capacitive cell phone!


I'm a 90's kid, geek, electrical engineer, panographer, skilled in tech. Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle is part of my life philosophy. We all live on the same rock, keep this in mind!

    I've always been interested in science, electronics, technology and I try to keep myself updated with the latest stuff. I like making projects with Linux based embedded systems and additional circuits, but I'm also interested in the power of software through Android development.

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This site is running on a phone!

This is an amazing world.

I decided to search my old, unused, first generation capacitive Android phone and build a web server from it. Here it is. Up and running.

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Project 01

  • The first phone I saved from becoming waste is the Nexus 4.
    I had to buy a quite expensive LCD - digizer assembly to replace the display which only worked a few more months. So I had a great and powerful phone without working display and I transformed it to a smart TV.
  • The GT540 is my second phone that I successfully saved and recycled.
    The phone is running the Linux kernel which running the DVM which running a Debian mini which running this web server and all these take 3% CPU on idle.
    The low-power ARM CPU makes it ideal for hosting this website from home.
  • I got a noname tablet which was in a complete unusable state.
    To recycle my third device, I opened the housing to check the CPU chip and I was able to download a firmware from a Chinese website. I removed the half of the /system partition and I disabled the Internet access for this device. After buying a wall mount for it, it became a perfect digital kitchen recipes book.

My other profiles

I'm not a big music listener, but I usually listen to indies, OSTs, chill out
music, CMA is one of my personal favorites.
You can find my SoundCloud likes as well as IMDb rating history in the
link section below.

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Project 04